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👋 Hi, I'm Shreyas & I work as a software engineer.

web designer & software engineer based out of Mumbai 🇮🇳

💻 primarily working with Javascript & Adobe XD.

Apart from working as a software engineer, I love aviation, railways, diesel engines and riding motorcycles. I love the BMW R1250GSA but I hate how I can't reach the ground with either feet. I'm an avgeek and an aspiring private pilot.

I am a year old Mechanical Engineering dropout.

Inside Chris Harris' Dream Garage is my favourite YouTube video.

This website is primarily a bookmark of interesting things I come across at my job as a software engineer. I also use it as a testbed to experiment the use of retro-modern frontend tooling for blogging.

Before getting into frontend development, I was a street photography enthusiast and used to document all my photography at The Brown Iris. I'm currently in the process of migrating all the blogs from The Brown Iris to this blog.

To mellow things down after a good dev sprint, I occasionally play the bass guitar and a stratocaster. I love sick basslines and funk music. Vulfpeck is my favorite funk band and I love Mac DeMarco's stunts (boozing and smoking on stage) while performing.

I've built the layout in under a day, the layout on desktop is inspired from Ugly Duck for its simplicity and ease of use. On the mobile, I wanted to keep every interactive element accessible to the thumb hence I've refrained placing elements on the top.